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The goal mission of Peace Body is to help people get trained, get taught, to be themselves and to be complete. You’ll find information on Peace Body Movement’s Boxing/kickboxing program, full body functional training, music lessons, and tutoring for kids, grades K4 through 12th. Everyone is unique, with unique abilities. Come join us to discover yours.

Get Trained. Get Taught. Be You. Be Complete.

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Our Vision & Mission:

At Peace Body Movement, we passionately implement a motivational Confidence Building program, which fosters a positive learning environment, and therefore creates academic excitement and achievement for our students.

Our mission is to provide quality tutoring to K4-8th grade students to help them achieve their level of academic success in reading and math. Academic success will occur through small group instruction, group tutoring, one on one assistance, and positive relationship building with parents and teachers.


Our goal mission is to help people get trained, get taught, to be themselves and to be complete.


We are here to provide quality tutoring to all students to help them each achieve their level of academic success.


Our music is an area that allows individuals to utilize their artistic view (theory).


Here we will focus on training individuals on a competitive level.

What distinguishes

Our mission is to ensure that every child is equipped mentally, emotionally, and socially for life. We provide a quality education tutoring services, music lessons and boxing / fitness training.

  • Highly qualified teachers.
  • Professional USA Boxing for all kids included.
  • Music for all types of learning.
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