How PBM Academics Works for Students

We are committed to providing an exceptional learning experience that builds confidence, encourages and nurtures the best in every child. At a Peace Body Movement we believe in using various strategies, building relationships and ,asking connections with students to ensure their academic success.

Step 1- Consultation Phone Call

We will ask you to share academic concerns and help us get to know your child. During the consultation let us know of any questions you may have.

Step 2 - 30 Minute Trial Session

The trial session provided your child with the opportunity to experience how online tutoring sessions work and to meet their tutor. We will also discuss tutoring options for your child.

Step 3- Assessment

Your child will complete an assessment. The assessment will identify specific areas your child needs help in and tell us how they learn.

Step 4- Schedule Tutoring Sessions

We will schedule your child’s weekly tutoring sessions. You will receive a tutoring contract and invoice to get started with tutoring.