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Become the best version of you, living a confident, healthy, happy life.

At Peace Body Movement, we know you want to be fit, in fighting shape, and ready for anything. In order to do that, you need personalized coaching that makes it possible for you to reach your goals. The problem is taking that first step is always the hardest.

You might be wondering if you have what it takes, which makes you feel defeated before you even begin. We believe everyone deserves to be victorious! We understand what it’s like to want to become a better version of yourself. To wish you were in better shape. This is why we created programs that are loads of fun and cater to both beginners and experienced boxers. We’ve been serving the Greenville area since 2012 and have thousands of happy clients.

Getting started is easy! 1) Try a Class 2) Choose a program 3) Reach Your Goals!

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