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Graduating can be a fun adventure, and looking forward to college, as a next step, can also be a fun adventure.

Let us help you get there!

Peace Body Movement LLC will be offering group and private sessions for SAT preparation this summer. SAT prep tutoring sessions will help students be better prepared, and meet their goals for a high score. Our tutors can help students with test taking strategies, time management skills for the test and strengthening skills needed to secure a high score. All materials will be provided to students.

We have openings throughout the day that you can sign up for group or one on one sessions. We use Zoom as the online platform for our SAT Prep sessions.

The small group sessions will consist of a maximum of three students. Students will have video and audio on so that they can see and hear each other.

You can sign up for group classes by clicking on the link below. If you would like to sign up for one on one sessions please contact us at or 864-688-9420.

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